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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 21, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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was already taking political pot shots over this incident. i think that is fundamentally wrong. >> jamie: holly hennenburg is in washington with more. i think there will be a lot of sound to talk about. >> political chat shows may be a foretaste of the debate tomorrow. debating the balm bum's handling of the libya,a tack. today, one top republican senator says, the administration should have seen that our consulate in benghazi was vulnerable and done something about it. >> -- we requested additional security, was denied. we wanted to normalize the relationship with a non-existent government. we should have closed that consulate, long before september 11 or heavily reinforced t. i put that on the president of the united states. this is a national security breakdown, before, during and after the attack. >> the obama administration has
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said there was no actionable intelligence suggesting that an attack was imminent. democrats are pointing to state department documents, released on friday by darrell issa, chairman of the house oversight committee, saying the move endangered libya nationals mentioned in the document, to score political points here at home. >> let's make sure that we understand exactly what did occur. but jumping to conclusions. i think darrell issa does a documentary dump on his web site of sensitive information about those in lib libya what are helping keep america safe t. shows the lengths many will go to to try to politicize this tragic situation. >> an aide to congressman issa says the documents were already listed as unclassified and he charges the committees are trying to, quote, create a distraction, to protect the president. >> jamie: live in washington, molly, thafers very much. >> eric: how will the attack
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play out in the debate tomorrow night? could this, the last of the three debate, turn out to be the deciding factor for undecided voters? we have a former spokesperson for jeb bush, and a democratic pollster and we welcome you both. >> good morning. >> eric: justip, let me start with you, on the subject of beep ben, what should governor romney say directly to the president? >> well, i think that he is going to say that the policy of the u.s. government and the response of the u.s. government and members of his administration is putting america at risk, putting america at risk because the administration hasn't been able to get its story straight about what happened, who knew it and when it happened. that's a big, hiewmg liable for president ork bottommasm he stepped in it further on that last debate when he claimed he told the world that it was an act of terrorism, when for two
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weeks after that, he and other members of the administration department claim it was an act of terror. there is a huge liable here for the president. >> eric: marjorie, how will the president explain that? >> i think there are a few things. first, he's going to go back to what came out of the debate, which continues to be true, that in the rose garden, after the attack, he described the attack as an act of terror. but i think it's important to remember which party is playing pol particulars. mitt romney was the one who in the immediate afterfact, before anybody knew anything, sent an incredibly scathing, rash worldwide panned press release, doubles down with the press conference, republicans in his own party said he handled it poorly. and the romney record on foreign policy is bluster and blunders. that's all he has been able to demonstrate. doesn't matter whether it's
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iran, iraq, which the tragedy to bring the troops home, where it's bin laden, which he said he wouldn't move heaven and earth to do anything about. whether it's going on europe-- on benghazi, does the governor -- does the governor have a point, with these questions. 24 hour it's within 24 hour, caa said it was a terror attack. have you chris stevens asking for more security -- >> the republicans voted against the additional security. look, i think there is only the president has been taking this seriously. have you republicans who did a document dump, putting lives at risk. i think the american people are going to watch the debate and say, which candidate has a thoughtful, serious approach to really difficult foreign policy questions, which one is saying whatever he's for, i'm against. i am for this, but not later on. i am going to flip flop on a variety of issues and on some
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issues, i don't have a difference but i am going to say i'm against him because it's a political campaign. >> eric: marjorie said, quote, only the president is sake taking this seriously. do you buy that? >> mitt romney is also taking this seriously. it is not playing politics to hole the president and the state department accountable for the conduct of foreign policy. it is not playing politics to hold the president and the state department responsible for a lack of security, when security was requested for ambassador stevens and we have the first assassination of a u.s. ambassador in 33 years, that deserves to be taken seriously. it is not playing politics to hold him accountable. she said the republicans didn't vote for security. it was the state department that denied the security needed to help protect ambassador stevens. >> eric: how do you think this will resonate with the american people tomorrow night? >> i think the american people can see, over the past few week, the obama administration has not been able to speak with a clear voice on a matter where it's
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more important than anything to speak with a clear voice, on matters of foreign policy. our allies need to know that we havenr an intelligence system that doesn't send a strong message to our allies or the people who would do us harm. i think the american people will see that mitt romney is presidential and he is handling this in a way that they can have confidence with and they have a lack of confidence in the obama administration and the state department. >> eric: it's the last debate. this is it, folks. could this change people's minds? >> it could change minds and reinforce what some people believe. here's what i think is important. the president has consistently in every poll, including the fox news poll that came out last week, has the advantage over mitt romney in foreign policy. that's been true the entire campaign. i haven't seen a single poll
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where rom romney has had the advantage. i suspect that will be confirmed and reinforced on the final debate. mitt romney has been more down than he has been. he has been more unfavorable than favorable. -- lap limited partner. >> eric: he went way up after the first -- the first debate! >> that's true. he had a bump after the first debate. that's true. but if you take the entire campaign, have you seen mitt romney behind more often than not, net unfavorable in almost every poll. harder math for november. now we are talking about an issue where he doesn't have a record. >> eric: we'll see what happens tomorrow night. 24 hours to go. justin, marjorie, thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie: eric, remembering the life of one of the nation's most prominent public servants, former dptic presidential nominee, george mcgovern, he died at the age of 90 in his home state of south dakota this morning. a proud progressive and vocal
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critic of the vietnam war, lost the 1972 presidential race boy a landslide, but it didn't deter him from continuing as a liberal fire brand. peter doocy has more in washington. >> reporter: senator mcgovern was surrounded by family and life-long friend when is he passed away, peacefully at 5:15 this morning. his familiarly said, we are blessed to know that our father lived a long, successful and productive life, advocating for the hungry, being a progressive voice for millions and fighting for peace. he continued to give peaches, writing and advising, up to and past his 90th birthday, which he celebrated this summer. he was elected to the u.s. senate from south dakota by 597 votes. that was in 1962. a decade later in 1972, he was the democratic party's nominee for president. >> i love the united states.
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but i love it enough so i want to see some changes made. the american people want to believe in their government. they want to believe in their country. i would like to be one of those that provides the kind of leadership that would help restore that kind of faith. >> reporter: mcgovern won 17 electoral votes to richard nixon's 520. he had a campaign catastrophe when he had to drop his running malt, after it was revealed that he underwent electroshock therapy for depression. shriver joined the ticket and they pushed for a withdrawal from vietnam. >> the first time i spoke against vietnam, my son was then 9 years old. he is now 19. and faced with the draft. it never occurred to me when i started speaking out against that war, that it would some day catch my own son, 10 days later.
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>> reporter: president bill clinton said that he believes no other presidential candidate has had such an enduring impact in defeat. two years later, he endorsed hillary clinton and then backed barack obama saying at the time, an obama win would be a victory for moderate liberalism. he was born in 1922. services will be held in sioux falls, south dakota. >> jamie: we appreciate the remembrance. we will be talking about him throughout the day. thank you, peter. >> eric: we have a fox news extreme weather alert. there is severe flooding, forcing the evacuations in the roman catholic shrine town of lords, france. they are leading hundreds of pilgrims out of hotels. floodwaters have surged from a nearby river, the historic grotto. this is the site where the virgin mary allegedly appeared before a teenaged girl.
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it draws 6 million visitors to see that every year. >> jamie: washington state is seeing their first major snowfall t. started already. seattle seeing a sig significant dusting with the mountains hit harder. the plows and crews are on standby, ready to execute the winter weather plan, which they say has been in the works for months. things are looking pretty good elsewhere. temperatures well above average for this time of year. but that could change. meteorologist maria molina has been monitoring thingsoud here. and she is live in the weather center. pretty day. >> reporter: it's a beautiful day here in new york city. around the northeast, temperatures are above where they should be this time of year. we are at 63 in new york city with a lot of sunshine. get out and enjoy t. but as we head into the center of the country, we are seeing temperatures well above ample, shy of 80 in dalas and san
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antonio, 10:00 in the morning there. so very warm for early this morning. cooler as you head into the northern midwest,iper 40s in minneapolis and in the afternoon hours, that's when things are going to heat up, especially in texas, 93 in san antonio. some spots in texas may be looking at record-breaking temperatures. 76 in kansas tea approximate and a warm day in dallas with the high of 88 degrees. but like jamie mentioned, we are expecting big-time changes. today, you are talking about more than 15 degrees above the average for this time of year. but we will see a dip in the jet stream, bringing in cooler air from canada, and by later in the week, thursday, friday, saturday, temperatures are going to start to feel a lot more like fall. for some of you, feeling like winter and expecting winter weather in the upper midwest, over the next couple of days, including in north dakota as the
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snow's expected as several storm systems will produce cool temperatures and areas of unsettled weather. big changes in the center of the country and also in the northwest. right now, pretty quiet across the plains. a lot of sunshine for tex aoklahoma and the great lakes. in the northeast, we did have a lot of rough weather with a couple of showers on friday. that rolled on through. but behind it, nies much nicer, isolated showers here and there in upstate new york, but again, very quiet. but seeing the storms in the northwest and the midwest. >> jamie: thank you. >> reporter: thanks. >> eric: pope ben dectet xvi has added 7 new saints, including 2 americans to the roster of catholic leaders. tens of thousands flooded st. peter's square. the first native american saint from the united states and a fransiscan nun who cared for
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>> eric: we are getting new information surrounding a string of random shootings that have been occurring in michigan. so far, more than a dozen cars have been shot in recent days. of course, drawing some comparisons to the sniper shootings in washington, d.c. we go live to new york for the latest. anna, what's the details. >> reporter: good morning. there have been 15 shootings and a possible 16th.
8:19 am
the police chief has strong words for the suspect, saying we are going to find out who you are and make you responsible for what you did. we are not going to tolerate it in this community. the shootings began around 7:00 on october 16, the last one confirmed, happened on thursday night, near lansing. the shooter has taken aim at vehicles and people, including a man, taking out his garbage. so far, the shootings have happened in oakland, livingston and bingham counties. there have been several near-misses. >> there have been some very other very close calls, literally within inches in some of the vehicle specials one person taking out his garbage said he thought he heard the bullet whizzing past his head. very dangerous and challenging situations. >> reporter: the sheriff says it's not clear if more than one person is responsible for this string of shootings. southeastern michigan families are on high alert after the
8:20 am
victims have been apparently random targets. some families are scared to leave their homes. >> go through the windshield and had a collision, my kids, family are dead, he's driving around with a gun. >> reporter: just in, we have just gotten this sketch from the sheriffs department. if we can go ahead and show that sketch. first, we have the vehicle description. it's a dark-colored sporty car, possibly a cavalier or a mustang. it is four door. if we can show the sketch. we can tell you that one person has reported seeing a clean-shaven white man in his 30s. the artist has come up with this sketch. in hopes of finding any new leads, police are surveying surveillance tapes they have found from areas near the shootings. and they are asking for information, tipsters can remain anon nus musat 1-800-speak-up.
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>> eric: i hope they get this guy before anybody's seriously injured. thank you. jamie? >> jamie: eric, thank you. the tough economy means a lot of people are keeping their cars longer, making it more important to keep your vehicle running really well. in the take charge consumer protection segment, i wanted to help you not get tan for a ride when you go to the repair shop. associate online editor at shop auto week dot-com is here. great to see you. >> thank you, jamie. nice to see you irtion you know how it is, for women. we walk into the shop. we don't understand what is wrong and all they see is a blonde and we get ripped off. can you help us out? >> absolutely. i don't think it pertains only to women. men need help, too, when they are getting their cars fixed. at shop eighto week dot-com, we help people find the one new or used car best for them. but we also offer a variety of information to carry you through that ownership experience.
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yes, it is nice to have that older car so you don't have the car payment every month. but you want to make sure that you have the quality repair shop on speed dial. >> jamie: you have to be more specific. i really want to help people. do you have web sites to diagnose the problem with your car or figure out whether or not a repair shop is legit? >> well, the best place to start, really is, it is not rocket science, you want to ask around, talk to your neighbors, your friends, people who have lived in your community. get a really good recommendation. if you are not the person who wants to chat over the fence, hit the social media, ask your friends on facebook or twitter -- >> jamie: i'm sorry. my friends don't know anything about cars. if we had a flat tire, we would be in trouble. you are from an auto entity. are there specific places that
8:23 am
people can go to get help or information? how do you know when you pull up to the repair shop that they really know what they are doing? or what a repair specifically should cost? >> sure. if you don't know anybody in your neighborhood that can give you sound advice or a good recommendation, you need to just search for repair shops in your area, hits the yellow pages. you want to call them first, before you show up. ask if their technicians are ase certified, which standed for automotive service excellence. technicians that are certified will verify that you will get quality work done. >> jamie: if you get ripped off, where do you go? >> if you get ripped off, you want to make sure you go back to is that that hop andee if you can get your money back. >> jamie: i'm going to follow up on this topic. i know there are resources, but thank you for coming in. >> okay. thank you. >> jamie: all right.
8:24 am
i guess the question is to ask as many questions as possible when you go to a repair shop and online. if you think there is a technical problem, you can put in whatever issues you are having, there are very good web sites to research, including ours, if guto and at the bottom of the main page, guon america's news hq, you can see a lot of segms that you can only see on this program. we are looking out for you. eric. >> eric: always good advice. you don't always know when you walk into the shop, anything -- >> jamie: not enough, today. i owe the people another one. >> eric: count down to the final presidential debate. iran and libya. they are expected to be hot topics as president obama and governor romney go head to head tomorrow night. coming up, we will look at what the candidates could do to win round 3. a celebration, hundreds of feet in the air. just what led all of these people to take this plunge? >> jamie: wait. did they all have parashoots --
8:25 am
parachutes. >> eric: we'll have the video, coming up. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk,
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it's nice to have the experience and commitment to go along with you. keep dreaming. keep doing. go long. >> eric: people travel to spain to run from an angry bull. but it happened in our country. hundreds of people! they turned it out for the mini bull run in arizona. several did get hurt, but nothing too serious. promoters say the animals are rodeo bulls, so they are less aggressive than the ones in spain. would you do that? they have horns. anything that has horns, i am running far away from. there they are. >> jamie: they look peaceful there, that makes sense. >> libya will be on the agend abut it won't be the only big issue at tomorrow's final
8:30 am
presidential showdown. the candidates will have to answer tough questions on iran and what to do about a suspected nuclear weapons ambitions. what do the candidates need to say? dan gillerman is a fox news contributor. ambassador, you know, we always appreciate when you come in. thank you for being here. >> i am happy to be here. >> jamie: how do you feel about the debate and the issue of iran? do you think we will get answers? do you think the administration has given the action to allow israel to feel safe and protected? >> i feel the debate on foreign policy is very, very important. i know most people say that these elections will be judged on the economy and that people basically will be asking themselves, are they better off today than they were four years ago? but i think the american people should also ask themselves, are they aver today? is america perceived as stronger today? is america trusted today by its allies? is it respected by its enemies?
8:31 am
i think that the american voterville to give a very, very clear answer to those questions because at the end of the day, whoever brs the white house in less than 3 weeks' time, will be elected president of the united states, but will also be leader of the free world. leader of the free world at the time when that world is at its most brutal, ugly and dangerous. and the epitomy is iran. so that issue, which will probably be the first item on the menu of whoever brs the white house, will have to be dealt with, very forcefully. i hope that in the debate on monday, both candidates willv make it very, very clear, upon only by saying that it's unacceptable. american presidents have said it's unacceptable that north korea and pakistan will have nuclear weapons. we are living with the two of them. iran is a different one. we cannot live in a world in which that horrible, extreme
8:32 am
fundamentalist regime, which threatens to wipe israel off the map and enjoy civilivation as we know it, have nuclear weapons. so what i expect from the president and governor romney other is to be very, very rezalate. there is talking to iranful i think they should address that. are they willing to talk and give iran unlimited time in and let them play the clock in playful time and race towards a bomb? or are they going to say, this is our timeline, this is your deadline, if by this date -- be it february or march 1, you do not stop, we will stop you. and stop you means, not just further sanctions, but military force as well because as i said, no way can we afford to live in a world with a nuclear iran. >> >> jamie: i know you believe that all options are on the table. our greatest ally, israel, has to continue with whoever is in
8:33 am
the white house of but all the attention being placed on libya right now, do you feel that iran and the issue of their nuclear program suspected, chiknow you believe without question, exists, is getting the attention it needs and deserves? >> well, there is a lot of things that divert attention. our region is a very volatile region. we are a villa in that jungle. and if anybody needs proof, what happened in benghazi is just another proof of it. the slaughter of hundreds of civilians, 30,000 by now, by assad in syria is another proof of t. the extremism of egypt. the arab world has turned into a very dangerous, unpredictable and horrible place -- >> jamie: but america can't solve all of that. what is our responsibility? >> america can't solve all of it. but never before... maybe since the days of the second world war
8:34 am
has the world needed a strong america, and indeed, an america that is trusted and respected by its allies and feared and respected by its enemies because what happens today is that country, whether it's iran or turkey or libya or yemen or others or even egypt, are doing things they would never do if they thought this was a strong america and respected america. they are-- the space that has been created, also between israel and america, has brought in elements that are your enemies and our enemies who are manipulating it. now, iran should be the focus of it, but it should be taken in the context of everything that is happening in the arab and the muslim world, where we have a fight between moderates and extremists. and the united states should be much more forceful in standing by the moderates, against the extremists. >> jamie: just so people understand out there. >> jamie: iran seems like a very
8:35 am
far place. too many people have never visited israel. why does it matter to the people going into the voting booth, the fear that israel has of iran and the need to have a strong leader in the white house, who will not take any nonsense, from the rogue nations. >> the answer is very simple. we live in a very small world, a globalized and interconnected world. whatever happens in iran or in benghazi or anywhere else, has an immediate impact on what happens in the united states. the terror attacks. the terror attempts we have had, the attempt to kill the saudi ambassador in washington. the destruction of the israeli embass nebuenos aires. these are all acts, which are perpetrated, financed and generated by iran. iran is the major engine of terror in this world. it wants to rule the muslim world and then do away with civilization as we know it and
8:36 am
replace it with the shi'a -- >> and has the money to do it. >> it is doing it all over the world. it has proxies, whether it's hezbollah or hamas, or other rogue and terror organizations. therefore, it is a danger to america, it is a danger to the world, it is a danger to the western world. and we must realize it. in order to make everybody safe, iran must be done away with. the danger of iran will be done away with, immediately. >> jamie: i have to leave it there. but very good points, thank you for coming in. we always learn a lot. >> eric: good to see you. >> good to see you. >> eric: for a look behind the news, liz trotta, the sunday commentary. >> anyone familiar with the details of the water gait affair and the manner in which it unfolded can only marvel at the obama administration's contradictory narrative of what happened the night of last
8:37 am
september 11 at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. don't call it benghazi-gate, that it would trivialize, the account of why and how four americans were murdered at the hands of fanatical islamists. the benghazi puzzle is what it is, an assortment of cover your back-side explanations from the white house and associated agencies that is at once shocking and amateurish. the benghazi puzzle will almost certainly up on president obama and mitt romney in their final debate tomorrow in florida. in the last debate, the president in a brazenly biased moderator, ambushed romney on ben berks making it seem that obama had said from the start that terrorist choreographed the attack. in fact, he characterized it as a reaction to a little-known anti-muslim video. even as evidence to the contrary emerges, the obama team is sticking to their script. meanwhile, media accounts are
8:38 am
confusing, as the major parties, the white house, cia and the state department, compete with one another to leak their versions of the benghazi puzzle. the president may invoke a fog of war argument to make his version credible and romney's bid for the presidency, may hang on that point -- who will be believable? the associated press reports that within 24 hours ever the attack -- of the, attack, the cia station chief told his superiors in washington that islamic militants, not protesters, had carried out the siege. as for cia director david petraeus, he is reporting to calibrate the story to whatever the white house is saying. the re-election of his boss may depend on the truth, even if it is never established. at the al smith dinner in new york friday night, where self-deprecating jokes are the
8:39 am
main course, the president said, quote, monday's debate will be a little different because the topic is foreign policy. spoiler alert. we got bin laden. it was a rather lame attempt at underlining his obsession with the bin laden raid, as proof of his commander in chief abilities. the key imperative is that the president must keep insisting he has tamed al qaeda. yet his administration under his firm hand has consigned the poisonous group and their affiliates into oblivion. there is an idea in some corners that because of his quasi-exotic background, the president has a keener eye for foreign policy than most. he has clung to his own foreign policy view of global citizenry, taking punches, rather than landing them, dreams as he said in his 2007 campaign of a, quote, new dawn in the middle-east. dawn has turned to the glare of
8:40 am
high noon. we have traded dictators for psychopaths. just consider a few late developments. the administration is reported to be setting up a training program for commandos in libya, is that like the one in afghanistan isn't muslim brotherhood rules egypt. al qaeda is hijacking american weapons on the way to syrian rebels. arsenals with high-powered weaponry, looted in the arab spring are spreading throughout the middle-east. iraq, the place where obama says he ended the war, is aflame with sectarian violence. tomorrow night, there will be hardly enough time to address all of these grim facts. no matter, the benghazi puzzle is the character,just as it was in watergate. >> jamie: an arrest in a voter registration case in virginia. coming up, we'll look at the registrationests to sign up more voters for the presidential election by both sides.
8:41 am
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and a 30-tablet free trial. >> jamie: new concern over a rule that could hit hospitals with hefty fines. eye a provision under the health care overhaul and penalizes hospitals for excessive re-admission,ed fines could cost $1 billion annual by 2015. we go live to los angeles with more on that. ouch! dominic. >> reporter: absolutely. look, the fines have come about because hospitals are causing patient re-admissions that could be avoids, jamie, around two-thirds of u.s. hospitals are currently facing fines of patients who have to go back for treatment of severe conditions. for now, it's people who have suffered a heart attack or heart failure or pneumonia and find themselves in the hospital, yet again within 30 days of discharge. it is down to things like poor hygiene, where patients catch
8:46 am
infections like mrsa or making sure that pates take their meds or get support at home. it's basic stuff. >> hand washing is a big issue. medication adherence is a big issue, a lot of patients will get discharged, go home and maybe they can't pay for or don't have the ability to pick up the drug they need and they end up noncompliant and they are back in the e.r. within 7 or 14 days. >> reporter: jamie, the fines medicare's imposing will average $125,000 annual per hospital. so for america's 2200 hospitals guilty of unnecessary re-admissions tdoesn't add up to a lot now, but by 2015, when medicare ramps up the penalties, collectively, it is going to be almost $1 billion a year. the republicans are now saying this policy is an effect of obamacare, forcing more hospitals to close.
8:47 am
it is going to add to the financial pressures that hospitals are facing, taking patients. the government hopes this will really be a wake-up call to those hospitals, to raise their standards and make sure people don't need treating again. and in their defense, the hospitals themselves say that re-admissions often happen because they near areas where there isn't sufficient support from community doctors or the wider health srs. one thing from the clip that the doctor added was that really just because hospitals get fined doesn't mean to say that the quality of treatment is bad at the hospital. but still, all the same, patients may want to consider who is getting fined when they go to choose where they want to be treated, jamie. >> jamie: thank you, dominic, from los angeles. >> eric: jamie, coming up, a.c.o.r.n. made headlines in the last election over the voter registration efforts. this time, both sides are trying to sign up as many voters as they can. we will take a look at thests and the arrest of one republican
8:48 am
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>> eric: to the fox news voter fraud why you want and the voter registration arrest in virm virge. a republican registration worker has been charged with throwing out voter registration forms
8:52 am
there. collin small was seen dumping them in a shoppingly mall dumpster and is charged with 13 counts of destruction of voter registration applications. he worked for a virginia republican party registration contractor and had been employed by strategic allied consulting. the firm is under investigation in florida and other states. the company says small has not worked for them since september. we talk to the owner, he insists his firm has a good track record. >> when law enforcement looks into this situation, what they will find is that our company had a systematic effort of quality control that looked for people trying to cheat the system. when we find them, we fired them immediately. >> eric: both sides are registering voters. what will be the impact? we go to mallory, auo author of the book, shadow bosses, the muscle of public unions. there has been a lot of attention on the republican
8:53 am
efforts, but there are major voter registration programs by both sides. are major voter fraud voter fraud is rampant. the unions have 400,000 people on the street, afl-cio, the head of the afl-cio plemged 400,000 people on the street to help. they have already registered 450,000 union households. 68,000 new registrants in ohio alone. >> eric: but that's not voter fraud. they are having efforts to get the vote out? >> i am sure they are having efforts to get the vote out. i am sure -- it isn't all clean cut. remember, we have a union label president. they need him. there is a lot going on in states like new hampshire, california... and states -- and states like new york. >> eric: there haven't been any case or prosecutions that we know of, dealing with the unions. but when you talk about the
8:54 am
numbers, you don't hear much about this. afl-cio says they have 128,000 volunteers they are going to knock on 5.5 million doors and make 5 million phone calls. has the union effort now been stronger for this election down to the wire than it has been in the past? >> if you have been listening to the rhetoric, you would think the union effort isn't even there. but what really is is that they know that in the swing states, which are vital to electing obama president again, that the union-- the union issue doesn't play well. so what they are trying to do, they are trying to low key t. they are going to spend a half billion and trumped up pledges to have 88,000. >> eric: 68,000 new registrants by the unions in ohio. when have you a swing state and a close race there, i mean, do you think the union support could make the difference for president obama?
8:55 am
>> it absolutely could. everybody's talking about the undecided voters. this is a base turnout election. it is who can get the base out. the unions are going to work very hard to get their base out because they know they have a lot at stake. remember, if another state goes right to work, they lose a lot of members. or if the nlrb doesn't uphold their iffy practices, that costs them a lot of money. a good metric is 1 million workers is $1 billion in dues for the unions? >> wei. malory factor, a fascinating look. author of "shadow bosses," thanks for joining us. >> thanks. >> eric: we'll be right back. go! here it comes! right in the numbers. boom! get it! spin! oh nice hands! now this is my favorite play! oh! [ male announcer ] share what you love, with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're grrreat!
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>> jamie: so beforeee go, i need to thank hudson valley hospital center for the privilege of emceeing their masquerade ball last night. not only was the evening fun and a very successful fund-raiser. but it raised awareness of how unique their hospital is. it has a cancer center, organic food, a soothing environment. doesn't feel like a hospital. they even have an emergency room, where for five years, there is no wait. well, those are a few of the differences you may not see at every hospital. look at who is there. my tablemate, a stunning beth


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